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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Nana Trader, Nov 1, 2003.

  1. Have you Noticed recently all disscution has turned
    to be about Nuke None-sense Chat.

    Please get yourself some life :mad: and it's for governments
    to decide what best action to be taken, not some Crazy traders
    who doesn't know any shit about Politic and suggesting

    I hope in future, you don't post on NUKE, every time you
    have a FART.

    BARON, Stop these stupid Nuke chit chat threads
    BARON, Stop these stupid Nuke chit chat threads
  2. I take it by your use of the language, and please take no offense, that you are not an American.

    It is not easy to understand the average American male. He lives his life under the thumb of the boss, of the system, and some times even under the thumb of a woman. He is frustrated, and tends to lash out with stupid threats. Threats against other Americans and other nations. Please do not be afraid. He is basically a coward. he shuns military service, hides behind gates and walls when possible, and more often then not, fears his own shadow.

    No one listens to him, including his own government. He does as he is told to do, and sheepishly follows along. His bravado in calling for "nuking" this or "bombing" that is harmless, if insulting.