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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by candletrader, Apr 20, 2002.

  1. Baron, maybe you should put the Elitetrader Live Chat Link on the top of the Forums page (say, next to our messages inbox)...
  2. why?

    have you seen my minkey? his name is candle.

  3. Why?! .... so that I may express my love to Brother Pussy in real-time...
  4. but once dropped, i NEVER pick up the soap!
  5. Brother Pussy,

    I never dropped you... dropping you would be akin to ripping my left ventricle chamber from the depths of my blood circulator... it would leave me with a broken heart...

  6. but i'm kinda glad we don't shower at the same gym...

    i'd worry 'bout that "brotherly love" thing of yours getting out of hand.

    (if you even work out which i doubt because you looked skinney in your pic)

  7. nitro


    I had to stop laughing so hard....

  8. i should never have pulled that "katrina" gag on him...

    i don't think he ever recovered from it.

  9. white


    Does anyone use the chatroom during market hours?

  10. oh yes, week be4 last, i saw 15 or 20 traders lurking there. only a handful were posting their trades, and unfortunately none seemed to making any $$ (or sense) :-/
    #10     Apr 20, 2002