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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Nine_Ender, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. EliteTrader is dominated by negative, cynical people who believe markets should collapse at all times because they think the US economy is in the crapper.

    Whenever the market does correct, the whole atmosphere is hysterical on here, and the permabears get arrogant and basically try to censure anyone with the foresight to issue a long call. Going against the grain in times like this more often then not is the BEST trading strategy.

    Is this a trading site ? The prospect that we may remain in a longer term bull market is a legitimate trading opinion that deserves equal footing to the perpetual "sky is falling" ideas that dominate this site.

    This weeks activity on this site has gone far beyond debate. Its become an attempt of people to monopolize the board with their ideas and discredit anyone with an alternative view.

    As the discussion progresses, there is now fraudulant analysis and slander involved. Way over the line, and cowardly when being done by anonymous creeps. I've had enough, there is no value in this site anymore. Decent trading ideas are few and far between, even well presented ideas are treated with complete contempt; ironically, calls for anarchy, WWIII, complete market crashes get better play then real trades.

    Over and out. Remember me when TSX hits 14,000 again, and ask yourself what good all the creeps on EliteTrader saying the world is ending did for anyone's trading.
  2. Please keep your promise and never return.
  3. WTF?! This isn't beer-heaven?

    NE, you can still post after your shift on the deep-frier.

  4. Yes, keep your promise. But if you don't here's a trade for you. Go to DIA and set an 84 period EMA on a 10 minute chart as an upper study. When the price gets within a 15 cents of it today or Monday, put your whole account into 114 Calls (I'll buy puts).
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    It sounds like you are trying to convince yourself.
    For the last decade, the indices have gone nowhere (exceptions being AAPL and a few others). That is all I need to know. So, you have a choice, either trade the levels, or get out.
  6. EliteTrader is dominated by an overly emotional troll who abuses other members and is ignored by many due to his/her appalling conduct.

    Nutter Nine_Ender states:
    'No worries, you've predicted it at least 20 times already and been wrong the first 19 times. Funny how you get almost rabid in excitement when we hit the 1260 area again. Let me remind you. Last time we were 1260 you said right down to 1220, with an immediate break to 1150. What actually happened ? We went up to 1350. Keep rolling out the prediction, you're bound to be right sometime in the next 5 years. Unless of course, the correction occus at 1500'

    Nine_Ender, where did I give those levels ?
    Please post some proof or apologise for being WRONG.
    You are confusing me with someone else or you are intentionally
    FABRICATING these totally false claims.
    Either way you need professional help.