Elitetrader Android/iPhone app

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by ElecEquity, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. Why has there been no elitetrader app created? Is there not enough interest?
  2. byteme


    ET is a website that can quite comfortably be viewed on Android devices without any further special software other than the default web browser.
  3. Joe


  4. True. I have an Android with a large screen. I bet that a creative app could make it slighty easier to navigate ET. On 2nd thought, ET not having it's own app is probably a good thing.

  5. lol... I did make a bookmark ET Icon on the front screen that opens the site on droid phone . Makes it simple instead of going through browser first.

    Just imagine how many more hits ET would get, and how much more money it could potentially generate, if an ET app was available and made visiting the site simple all day from a phone :D


    .... reaching out into the tablet market and everywhere a portable cash register, oops meant device goes .... hahaha
  6. I'm working on an iPhone app that will take the user directly to my ET posts. I plan on selling it for only $50.00.
  7. Only $50.00? Such tidbits of wisdom surely warrant a $5,000 ticker price.