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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Steve789, May 17, 2004.

  1. Steve789


    Never in my life have I been to a website that specializes in something that no one has a clue about.

    Your trading skills rival that of clowns on unicycles crashing into each other.

    I would like to give special thanks to Harrytrader, dbPhoenix and Samson77 for their recent participation in determining that they have brains the size of peanuts and I would like to invite them to quit trading and join the Mexican Air Force where we make men out of whining little girls.
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  3. Please allow me to be the first fly in the fly trap.

    Dear senor Steve,

    I was filled with great sorrow when I read about your negative remarks to the most esteemed of ETer's the honorable Mr. dbphoenix. Although I have never met the man in person I do believe him to be of sound character.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed his thread "Price and Volume" and have learned much from it.

    I will ask you to retract your previous statement and all shall be forgiven, we will chalk it up to, too much sun and not enough Corona's on your part. Beg repentance and ye shall see the light.

    yours cordially,

    Bruce Hawkins
  4. You are so lame .... you'll be back just under another alias.

    Don't bother wasting your time though because a fool will always be a fool and we will spot you by your ridiculous flames and posts.

    Your not fooling anybody :cool:
  5. Samson, who is he really?