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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Baron, Sep 6, 2001.

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  1. It would be nice it the search by name function would bring up a list of that poster's most recent messages that could be reviewed by clicking the list, rather than a list of the threads where they have contributed.
    #51     Dec 30, 2001
  2. David I

    David I

    I would like to see an improvement on the subscribing to threads that doesn't involve e-mail (or as an option to also getting notified by e-mail).

    I would like to see some indication when threads are listed in home or in one of the forum thread lists showing me which are the ones I've subscribed to. This way when I'm looking at all the threads I can quickly see which ones are the ones I've really been interested in. Since I would tend to subscribe to threads I really like it would also help save me time when I come back later and see new threads (or old threads with new activity) at the top of the list as I think I might be able to better sort out which ones are new (and I might want to check out from the beginning post) vs. those that I wasn't interested in subscribing too but might want to read the most recent posts. In checking out that new activity or new thread I might decide that it merits subscribing to so I can keep up with a topic that I now have interest in.

    I would also like that indicator to show me that a new post has been added to that thread since I last visited it. Similar to how a red folder indicates new posts vs. a yellow folder. This concept would also apply to the threads that are indicating to me that I'm subscribed to them.

    My preference is to reduce the e-mail and to be able to see more about what action has occurred when actually visiting the web site while at the same time being able to see all of the threads.

    Lastly but still related to subscribing ... when I go to see the list of threads I'm subscribed to I would like a list that lists them all and can tell me how many posts have occurred since I last visited that thread (not how many days since the last post.) Some days I may check the threads a couple of times during the day and I could quickly see if there's any new action (posts). Some times I might be gone for days at a time and I don't want to have to remember how many days it's been since I last visited the web site so I can figure out if any new posts have been made to my favorite threads. This would allow one to know independent of the amount of time they have been away whether any new posts have been made to their favorite threads (and not be bothered with e-mail messages.)


    - David
    #52     Jan 2, 2002
  3. David I

    David I

    Another wishlist request ...

    As I wade through many excellent threads I find myself at times wishing for an indicator of which pages I've visited vs. those I haven't. For example some threads have 20+ pages of reading to go through before making it to the end. If I've read up to page 10 and got to sign-off my computer and come back later to finish reading that thread I really don't currently see any indication that I've read the first 10 pages and that pages 11 and onward haven't yet been visited by me. This would be nice. Right now I either keep my web browser at page 10 and leave (which sometimes leaves me with 3, 4 or 5 browers open as I am essentially 'bookmarking' where I am with reading several threads) or I try to note it some other way which threads I was in the middle of reading and where I was with them for when I return.

    This request isn't as valuable to me however as the prior wishlist request I made. In time I will have caught up with many threads I am finding interesting as a newer member to this forum and it will be less of an issue to have this feature.


    - David
    #53     Jan 2, 2002
  4. David I

    David I

    One more on the subscribing to threads ...

    When I'm reading a thread it would be nice to be able to see whether I'm already subscribed to it or not without having to check elsewhere. If suddenly a thread looks interesting as I'm reading it I can quickly see whether I'm already subscribed to it or not and not worry about needing to subscribe to it. Or if suddenly a thread disinterests me that I have been subscribed to I might decide that I really don't want to check on it's progress any further and I would like to know that I'm subscribed to it without looking elsewhere (and thus have a unsubscribe button to click on.)


    - David
    #54     Jan 2, 2002
  5. Baron

    Baron ET Founder


    I agree. Thanks.


    I'll be the first one to admit that the "subscribed thread" features need refinement. We are working on a new system that should address many of the things you brought up. Thanks for the suggestions.

    #55     Jan 3, 2002
  6. Probably a bunch of people already mentioned this but a live 24hr chat room would be the bomb.
    #56     Jan 7, 2002
  7. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Well get ready, cuz the bomb is gonna drop in about 10 days :)
    #57     Jan 7, 2002
  8. Sweet..I can't beleive it!!! That is going to rock!!! With the caliber we got here...Chat room going to sizzle..It will put Pristine, Undergroundtrader and all those others chat rooms to shame....
    #58     Jan 8, 2002
  9. PitBull


    I see a risk in that people will stop posting here when the chatroom comes.

    I hope I am wrong!
    #59     Jan 8, 2002
  10. Josh_B


    Could you consider including some accessible log of the room?

    It will be beneficial for the members to be able to access the postings from traders of interest, since we will not be able to participate/monitor them 24/7

    Thanks in advance for your consideration.

    #60     Jan 8, 2002
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