Elite Trader Sold?

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  1. I heard a rumour that elite trader has been, or is very close to being sold--- any color on this?


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    It's true.
    I bought it and there will be no more threads speaking against TA.
    What are you going to do for fun?:p
  3. :D ---

    Hopefully the new owners don't try to change it into a marketing tool for themselves, and others. If its a broker who bought the site, I give it 12 months before it folds.. surf
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    If Baron really ever did sell ET, I would probably make my ET exit.
  5. I think many users are going to leave once the news hits the wire.

  6. i heard he sold it to yahoo and its to be integrated into yahoo finance.

    baron is the new mark cuban and he is buying the orlando magic.

    then i heard he is going to start acting like he is an expert on anything and everything because he started some silly website. just like mark cuban. :D
  7. Ha, the < 12 m the site has been sold for wouldn't even pay a player's salary on the Magic--- I don't think Baron will end up like Cuban....But I am very curious if the announcement will be made or just kept private. surf
  8. so how the heck do you know it was sold?
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    The National Enquirer?
  10. I guess I don't get why if it were sold people would leave. I guess if rules and other things changed people might, but just because it was sold? Been here awhile, and probably longer than my ID indicates, and there have been ups and downs like anything, but no reason to run away, and what are the alternatives that would be soo much better?
    If Baron can make a few million selling, good for him! Cuban money, oh geez that would be nice, but not realistic these days. I made enough money back in those stupid days to lose my ass trading and still have enough to keep going and learn trading. Dang I miss those days.:D
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