Elite Trader security breach or eerie coincidence?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by TRADERguy, Oct 2, 2003.

  1. This afternoon (Pacific Time) I wrote several posts on E.T. One of the user names on one of the threads was Merc. I also remember going to one of the user profiles (I don’t think it was Merc) and seeing the name silver fox. A half an hour later I started getting weird calls from Silver Fox Merc 1-619-574-6521. Three calls in 20 minutes with a computer tone each time. Luckily my phone isn’t connected to my computer. Please note that I am baffled and thought it prudent to post this here. I am not accusing anyone of anything.
  2. seisan


    PM Baron tonight so he can review the scenario
    and take the appropriate measures first thing
    tomorrow morning (Eastern Time).

    Nothing surprises me anymore with all these
    hit-and-run clowns on the loose...
  3. The phone number you received phone calls from was a fax at www.satsecurity.com.

    All I did was google the phone number and the company came up in all the results.

    It seems they make satellite tracking systems for cars. It can be activated if your car is stolen.
  4. seisan


    Great job, facultus! :cool:


    If you haven't already done so, you might want to email
    or call Satellite Security Systems to let them know that
    your phone number was called by mistake.

    Possibly somebody's car is stolen and he or she's
    still not aware of it.... :confused:
  5. damir00

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    alternately, you might want to look out your window and see if your car is still there.
  6. except maybe stealing your car!! :D LMAO
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    I don't see any connection with ET considering that we don't ask for your phone number when registering. If you received a call, the number was obtained from somewhere else. Now, if you posted your phone number publicly in one of your messages, that call could have been sent by just about anybody that read your posts.
  8. I didn't remember if you asked for a phone # ....well it looks like it was just a weird coincidence. :D