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  1. nursebee


    Fair enough and in hindsight you were really only offering said foundation.

    perhaps I should approach this from a viewpoint of knowing my enemy (competition).
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  2. SunTrader


    So I posted this on another thread yesterday and ..... no one commented about it. Why am I not surprised at all? Everyone is too busy trying to learn ;) - well the ones who aren't also bitching. o_O

    "$SPX 100% gain (100.39% to be exact) move from March '20 low to today's high."


    BTW it was also 6.68 points per trading day and 4.618 points per calendar day

    An almost perfect time and price squaring for those who know about such esoteric things, not taught at Harvard or MIT.
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  3. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
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  4. traider


    Wow this is true genius. Please tell me what harmonics predict spx open on next Monday.
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  5. tiddlywinks


    Out of all the Nostradamus "predictions", not a single life has been saved nor any outcome changed even though foretold centuries in advance.
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  6. themickey


    Remain in your ignorance then, :) :) :) I have better more creative things to do.
    Now back to work in 5 star kitchen for me.
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  7. SunTrader


    The post didn't predict anything. It was a marker to watch for and I did and took advantage of it.

    You on the other hand likely just played with yourself.
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  8. SunTrader


    Did it take you long to think that one up? Hope not, gets in the way of class time.
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  9. I'm always curious why people don't think through the steps in their process. Like why add something if it only reduces your returns? fibonacci_trading.pdf (ust.hk)
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  10. SunTrader


    " any prove why this is so. "

    Step one, spell correctly when writing an abstract - or anything else for that matter.

    LOL do you really expect me, a trader, to listen to yet another Ivory Tower academic?

    Just like a broke clock is right twice a day - those who can't, teach. Except in this case ........ spelling.

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