Elite Trader Praised by Barron's

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    From the January 2, 2006 edition of Barron's:

    Elite Trader - "We found some exceedingly intelligent, lengthy conversations on Elite Trader (www.elitetrader.com). A question about the advantages of using tick charts over minute charts, for example, generated pages of helpful replies. Besides technical analysis, content categories include Order Execution, Wall Street News, Index Futures and Eurex Trading. Many entries are quite current, and some carry hundreds or thousands of messages. We're not sure how so many highly communicative investors found their way to this joint, but you should, too."

    Yahoo Message Boards - "..too much off-topic content, coy come-ons and incomprehensible chat"

    Motley Fool - "It'll take you some time to get the lay of the land on the Motley Fool board ... because there are so many options."

    Silicon Investor - "Was on its way to being a supersite several years ago, but it's been reduced to a simple series of message boards now. ...there's a lot of old stuff here..."

    Raging Bull - "...came out of the blocks fast in the 1990s, but lost steam..."

    Congrats to all ET members for making this site worthy of such praise! It's about time you guys got recognized for your brilliance and insight :D

    Aw, shucks... I feel like a proud parent now :)
  2. Congratulations Baron:

    Seems that the Barrons Survey did not find any of the competitors as successful as "EliteTrader". Based on the page views and the increasing enrollment one can see that people are finding the content interesting enough to return and eventually participate. I would imagine that new advertisers will also view that favorably as well.

    Good luck in the new year.

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    Congratulations Baron!
  4. Exellent!!! Lets all do our best to keep this site at the top! :)
  5. nice work!

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    Sorry for cap but this is the way I express my good feelings.
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    Barron's could've paid Chit Chat it's props......
  9. Baron,

    If you ever go public on the stock market, don't forget to give
    us some shares at a special price...promised ? :D
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    Of course! I'd be passing out shares to my peeps like cheap frisbees. :D
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