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  1. We would like to thank all ET members for there feedback. In response, we offer our new exclusive offer for all EliteTrader.com Members, which is available with the recently released Direx Platinum v 6.0 (which includes Premium Charting & History)

    Base Commission: $5 per 1000 shares
    SOES: $2 per 1000 shares
    Island: FREE
    ARCA: $2 per 1000 shares
    Trac: $3 per 1000 shares
    NTRD: $3 per 1000 shares
    BRUT $5 per 1000 shares
    BTRD $5 per 1000 shares
    DORS: $5 per 1000 shares
    ATTN: $9 per 1000 shares
    NYSE Direct FREE
    AMEX Direct FREE
    BULLETS $15 per 1000 shares
    Cancels FREE
    SEC FEE .0000301 x Total Value of Sales

    Direx Platinum v 6.0 Software Fee (includes Premium Charting):
    $39.99, waived after 100,000 monthly share volume.

    Note: all pricing is prorated on a per share basis.
    Example: 500 Shares executed on Island will cost $2.50.
    1000 Shares executed on ARCA will cost $7.
    500 Shares of NYSE Stock executed on NYSE Direct will cost $2.50.

    For high volume traders please call for special pricing.

    Please contact Customer Support with any questions at 1.866.68.DIREX or send us an e-mail at support@pointdirex.com


    Customer Support
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    hmmm, I may have to look into this...SIPC insured right?

  3. Yes.

    SIPC insured.
    member NASD.
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  5. At this time we do not offer futures trading. We hope to have a futures trading platform available later this year. We do offer trading platforms that allow you to trade stocks on Nasdaq, NYSE, and AMEX.

    We would like to invite to visit our website, www.pointdirex.com , to view our platforms and sign up for a free trial. You can also continue to check our website for updates on futures trading.
  6. Securities offered through White Pacific Securities, Inc.
    Member NASD SIPC. All accounts insured up to a maximum of $500,000 SIPC, and this figure includes a maximum of $100,000 on claims for cash.
  7. might want to be a little more polite going forward
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    why the spam? U mentioned it in 3 threads in a row. Do you even understand how this site works? Or are u just a "paid" spammer?
  9. Single Ticket charge on options?
    Multi-leg Ticket charge on options?
    Contract charge on options?
    Exchange specific routing?

  10. retail account protection through SIPC and NASD or requires Prop Trader status with licensing and such?

    Account size and PDT margin consideration?

    Accounts less than $25,000 -- how do you interpret the 4 trades or less determination line? (i.e. within one logical calendar week?; within a rolling 5 day period?; or some other method)
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