Elite Trader Millionaires

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  1. Is it true that those who have over 1000 post on Elite Trader are almost guaranteed to become a millionaire because of the vast amount of knowledge that they have accumulated on ET?
  2. Is it true you had to tongue punch satan's fart box to earn your handle?
  3. RedDuke


    I would go for 3000 posts, then the odds are much higher.
  4. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    star, that killed me for the rest of the day

    thank you for making me laugh harder than I have all week
  5. Absolutely, but you will have lost it all by 2000.
  6. So to be clear about this. startraitor must be a mulch-millionaire super star?

    Would that be correct?
  7. Now, now startraitor you need to wait your turn. If you also want your fart box tongue punched by me then you need to be nice too.

  8. So the 1000 posts mark is where you start making tons of money but once you hit 2000 posts then your ego swells and you loose it all.
  9. Correct. You will them spend the next 8000 posts convincing yourself and others that you're a trading God. At some point along that path your fraud will be discovered and you will change handles or be banned.
  10. Ash1972


    Changing handles is basically just reincarnating yourself. Your goal is to reach trading nirvana and break out of the cycle.
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