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    To the Elitetrader moderators:

    The Elite board is a excellent source for good trading information and contacts. There's a lot of good here.

    But there is also a lot of language and behavior that is far cry from the behavior expected from an "elite" group of professional, disciplined traders and it ought to change.

    I think you should have some code of conduct rules for this board and enforce them. Rules such as no disparaging or mocking a fellow poster, no 4-letter words and other foul language.
    Violators posts ought to be removed and the boards cleaned up.

    It's not BackAlleyTrader, it's Elitetrader. And we're professionals.
  2. Trading is not a polite pursuit ...
  3. Metooxx- Are you threatening me?
  4. Steenbarger is a trading psychologist and made this comment after an extended study of traders:

    "Accomplished traders are not necessarily well-balanced, likable human beings. Indeed because of their intense focus on their work and their competitiveness these traders can come across as abrasive and self-absorbed. Nor are they necessarily highly creative and open-minded people........"
  5. I tell you what. When the traders on the floor of the pits of the exchanges, when the specialists, when the brokers on Wall Street stop using 4 letter words, when the "Elite" money managers speak according to the rules of Emily Post, I will cease and desist from implementing 4 letter words too.
  6. Obviously ...
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    My guess is the % is at least half of what you postulate. Also, can't forget the multiple personalities and vendor shills.
  8. I agree with you. However, nothing is going to change. Do you really think people who are *that* good and pulling in seven figures plus a year are going to filter their speech?

    Trading is the apex of emotions and discipline. I now understand that emotional control is paramount to all other things. Actually, this explains many things in my life -- like why other kids wouldn't play chess with me after some kid beat me and I grabbed some of the pieces and threw them across the room.

    When I was a kid, I would play a nintendo game and, if the game did something wrong or I lost after almost beating a new level, I'd take the controller and smash it againt the nintendo while screaming profanity until my mother put me in the "time-out" room.

    All my life I've had to struggle with my emotions and now that I am trying out trading, I am learning very fast that the only person worth beating is myself.

    Take today for example -- after losing three ES trades and several hundred dollars, I started beating the monitor while uttering the most profane profanity you could imagine. I lost my emotional control, so therefore I need to go back to square one and learn breathing techniques or find a doctor that will prescribe strong drugs.

    So, many people on this board will continue to be cocksuckers. You can't change that -- but you can ignore the bad assholes from the good ones.
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    Or even bother posting on a message board except for pure entertainment purposes...
  10. tic-toc-tic-toc you know what that is Aphie? I'll tell ya, its the stop watch I set for your ass after your first post on this site :D

    Good luck bro
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