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Discussion in 'Journals' started by tradingjournals, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. First item on this Journal are trends. Most people like trends, when they are not at their ends. I would like to keep track of what trends. Elite traders can post what they see as trending currently.

    Let me give examples. From April 25 to May 25, Eur/USD was trending down. After that trend, volatility has been trending down since May 25. Today is June 15, and (the interesting part of) that trend is at (or is close to) its end.

    So what are the trends you are observing currently? Please post below.
  2. You do not know of any trend in all financial markets? Many views, and not a single person has posted as of yet a trend they have spotted?
  3. ....i look at any market as having 4 basic general characteristics along the trend vector, i use SCUD to classify,





    ....i use moving average lines to determine the current condition, and a momentum indicator, macd and/or rsi, to determine the strength of the trend....

    ...as you alluded to, the trend is your friend, until the end...
  4. Oil is trending down. TA may not show this short term, but oil has been weak in the face of this recent 3 day rally. So the down trend will continue after this wee little pause at least to test 70 again. I believe we break 70 and get closer to 68ish this week or next week.