Elite Trader is the largest trading community on the net.........

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by lilduckling, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. People that complain should realize ET has become the largest markets discussion board for a reason............... it is the best there is. More and more people come here because they come to the same conclusion. You will not find another site that offers the resources and experienced traders as this one.

    Dont listen to members that try to tell you otherwise..... THIS SITE IS IT!

    Believe me!
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    I'd agree with that, both as a former sponsor and currently a regular member. In both regards there simply is not a place where you get "more for the buck" than on ET. I've also found 99% of the people here to be very pleasant. (esp since I'm no longer a vendor..that seemed to help my rep a lot)
  3. I believe each site has it's ups and downs. The great thing is we can be members at all of them.
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    I found this site while googling for information about an obscure trading book written in the 1930's. I started poking around on the site and found that it has in-depth discussions on many topics so I decided that I would move my "office" here. (I view this place as an office. I know, how odd).

    I wouldn't neccesarily say it's the best, but it has the most in depth info and has some very bright and creative individuals on it. My only gripe is the heavy handed moderation. Mods should protect the board from spam and vandals and let the conversation flow.
  5. Many complain there's not enough moderation while many others complain it's too much.

    That differences is mainly due to the particular moderators assigned to a particular area.

    Members are great in notifying moderators and other members about SPAM and SHILLS.

    Yet, members don't know how to control other members that are vandals (trolls).

    In fact, many members have a hard time (not discipline enough) to stop arguing and engaging in conversations with the vandals (trolls)...

    Those type of members that lack the discipline to stay away from the vandals (trolls)...

    They either leave ET in disgust, go into lurk mode (not willing to post messages in protest) or become trolls themselves by choosing someone or a market approach to harass.

  6. spoken by the resident nut case...T28
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    Says the moron that spends it's time arguing with Alex in the Pureshit threads :p