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Discussion in 'Events' started by Baron, Oct 23, 2001.

  1. Come on guys, quit with the suggestions of alternative sites. Let's make what we have here work in some sensible way. I don't want to have to be hopping from site to site to follow the discussions that interest me.
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  2. Baron, and others,

    I don't know how the newly redesigned homepage for Elitetrader will look like. The problems mentioned here could be averted if the threads didn't all appear on the homepage. If new threads are immediately organized under different "tabs" or menus of topics, then it won't generate the impression that Elitetrader is the mouthpiece for IB. Being one of the very many IB users myself, there is no reason to artificially prohibit anyone from starting a thread pertaining to IB as long as the thread is "automatically" organized under a "Direct Access Broker" tab or menu.

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  3. Magna

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    I think stockoptionist has made an interesting proposal, but coding it might take an inordinate amount of time and effort. Why not simply add a new forum under Brokerage Firms called Interactive Brokers? That way all posts related to IB, along with any tech support provided by Def or whoever, could be grouped there. Anyone in the IB community could go there knowing every thread is related to using IB. And those of us who don't care to be flooded with IB threads in every forum would simply not go to that one location. Seems like it would solve a lot of problems and annoyances.
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  4. Magna - great suggestion. :)
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  5. MORE



    I agree too - Great suggestion !
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  6. Grabbit


    I agree it is a great suggestion, but I doubt that it will make Baron forget about his objections. He just does not want ET to be a helpdesk for IB customers. Period.
    The interaction between def and us has now died of its own success.
    So I think that if we want the same thing again, we'll have to find another place to let that happen.

    I'm not too happy about yahoo or silicon. I find the software layout there rather ugly looking and too impractical to have a proper discussion.

    Daytradingstocks seems to me the best alternative to ET. An IB thread has been opened there and there are some initial postings now. Hope we find def there too soon!

    Here's the link once again: http://www.daytradingstocks.com/ubbcgi/Ultimate.cgi
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  7. Last page, essentially, there was a post from a moderator that said to post elsewhere.

    As far as I can see here, in the grand hierarchy of things, that's the official administrative opinion.

    Is my supposition correct? This thread seems to be getting long enough and many points of view posted that it would be time for an "Official" word/ruling/whatever to be posted.

    Just wanted some clarity.

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  8. I see it clearly - there is content and there is format. ET has a
    good format. The content is what Barron is trying to control.
    Well shoot, we are a forum - also we use IB and lately I have
    not seen too much to read about here. Incessant bitching about
    25k rule and endless newbies (no offense) querying about Prop
    firms. I am also sick of all that Barron if we are at the content !!!!
    I am off , looking for a forum....:(
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  10. I thought the idea of a site was to ATTRACT viewers, not shoo them off to competing sites. I don't plan on checking out three or four sites several times a day. The most active, interesting and easy to use will win. So far, ET wins on all three criteria. Run off half the users and who knows.

    Baron, we love you man and we love the site, get a handle on this thing.
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