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Discussion in 'Events' started by Baron, Oct 23, 2001.

  1. gh1 - well written letter.
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  2. Magna

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    C'mon folks. There's no need to set up straw horses just so you can knock 'em down. NO ONE is suggesting that Def get "run off" the board, NO ONE is suggesting that all IB posters leave the board. Gimme a break. It would be nice, and much better organized, if IB posts were properly started and maintained in the forum appropriate for them: Direct Access (Retail). Or maybe Baron would prefer to start a forum called Interactive Brokers that is solely dedicated to them. Otherwise you get the current situation with random, unrelated threads started everywhere and anytime an IB user's order gets cancelled, or his quotes are running a few seconds behind, or he can't get thru to IB support on the phone, or, or, or...
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  3. ktm


    I'm with Magna here.

    I started the "IB appears to be down???" thread last week and may have started another one a while back. Last week, within 10 minutes I knew that the problem was virtually worldwide when I could not get through to IB on the phones and the website was down. While it may have been inappropriate to do such a thing, I knew I could quickly find IB traders here and make contact with them in a "moment of crisis". There is great comfort in sharing known information with those in a similar predicament at that moment.

    I agree with Baron that things have crossed the line and I'm sure Baron will come up with a workable solution. Def has been the best and the notion of him promoting IB is absurd. Baron runs an excellent site and we are all the better for it. The group here is largely very intelligent and successful and it comes as no surprise that the foremost discussion area and online broker are ET and IB. Many kudos to Baron and Def for helping us all !!!
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  4. RAY


    All I know is that I have "seen" other boards get decimated with threads and positions like these. I feel what is discussed here is a representation of the "public."

    I also remember the days when there were 1 to 3 posts a day on this forum.

    I hope you know what you are doing...
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  5. Harry


    I agree with these postings:

    I'm one of a lot of IB traders here - it is very important for me to get information about IB (def) AND discuss with other IB-traders about that. If this can take place here, it would be great.

    Baron's site is simply great! I also understand his concerns. But I think there has to be a good solution to keep IB-related questions here. The other way the board would lose something.

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  6. Grabbit



    I do not think Baron's point is about IB being discussed in the wrong thread. As I understand him it's the interaction as it goes between def and IB customers that he disapproves of.

    I do not agree with Baron and his argument that questions concerning IB should be addressed to the helpdesk.
    Def has been giving a great opportunity to discuss matters in a much more informal and therefore effective way than could be done directly to IB.

    Thanks def!

    Well, it's Baron's site so if he wants things to change, it's eventually up to him of course.

    I would suggest - if def still wants to - that we, IB customers find another place to create that special sense of IB community (LOL) and discuss whatever we feel we want to.

    So here's my suggestion: How about moving to daytradingstocks.com?
    They have a forum that has similar software, but the forum has been almost dead for ages now.
    Let's kick some life into it!
    Here's where to find it: http://www.daytradingstocks.com/ubbcgi/Ultimate.cgi

    Who'll write the first post there? And see what happens.
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  7. Qcharts has an active group on Yahoo Groups ... qcharts/lycos people respond to posts there.

    Perhaps an IB group on Yahoo should be created?

    This will only work though if Def is willing to peruse the Yahoo group.

    Def, is this something you're willing to add to your list of things to do?

    Instead of answering any posts on EliteTrader, you can instead just refer them to the Yahoo group.

    Just something for everyone to consider.

    TradingMarkets.com tried to do something similar to this in their own chat room (ie, restricting what can be said on it) and what happened was that a new chat room was formed elsewhere and a number of folks moved over there.

    I suppose that was good for the people in the new chat room, but probably not so good for TradingMarkets.com.

    -- Punter
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  9. kenstl


    ...can't we all just get along?

    i don't really see the problem with discussing IB here. we complain alot about datek and other brokers here as well, but nobody is upset about that. i think there have been great benefits with regard to the evolution of both IB and of the people who use their services.

    my point is that many of the people here who contribute to this forum use IB, and part of the reason that IB is so cheap is because they don't have any bells and whistles whatsoever, thus creating a need for those of us who do use IB to keep in touch. this forum is a great place to do that, as many intelligent people use it.

    i don't like censorship either.
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