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Discussion in 'Events' started by Baron, Oct 23, 2001.

  1. Bravo Baron!!

    I was wondering when you were going to address this issue. The neutrality here at Elite Trader has been shot to hell. Between Def pushing his brokerage business and Tharp pushing his brokerage service and his daddys books and seminars, a newbie to this site at times, can get a skewd picture. I would like to see things done to neutralize this site, such as inviting other brokerage companies officials to participate and inviting authors of interesting trading books to answer questions here. I was really impressed when Steve Woods took time to answer questions about his book. We need more of this at Elite Trader. I've learned alot here over the years and would be willing to pay dues for quality content.

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  2. Sterling - re: "Between Def pushing his brokerage business" -

    you're exagerating now. Def is responding to inquiries from a multitude of IB (and potential IB) account holders who wish to discuss IB on the Elite Trader forum. His participation is appreciated by many. The weaknesses (superfluous IB threads) are being addressed and have been acknowledged.

    Does def participation benefit IB and IB users ? - yes.
    Is def "pushing" IB ? - no.

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  3. Wireless

    I too, enjoy reading some of Defs' posts but, the primary reason he is here is to drum up business for his company. Since def is the only company rep living here at elite trader full time, it challenges the neutrality of this site. It appears sometimes, especailly to newbies, as though Interactive Brokers is the only game in town. I've had accounts at just about all the professional EDAT companies, and most all have their own Chat Rooms or help lines. IB is the only company that does their customer service via Elite Trader. I can see why their commission rates are so low!!

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  4. def

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    are you suggesting that I should ignore posts? I am not the one asking the questions and I am not going to apologize for responding to queries or pointing out inaccurate facts. I've rarely started a thread.

    Nothing is stopping any other firm from responding to posts on these boards. Nothing is also stopping anybody from using the IB chats either. The only difference which I suppose is my fault is that I have a vast amount more trading experience and am privy to certain mgmt decisions than the average person on the help desk. Can't apologize for that either.

    My participation on these boards also has the adverse impact of having every complaint - valid or not - about the brokerage broadcast to the world. It is a two way street.

    i've been posting here well over a year and will not argue that the number of new threads regarding IB have recently gotten out of hand. baron has done a wonderful job with this site as it has grown. I'm sure he'll come up with a decent solution.

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  5. vinigar


    Well I hope Baron can come up with a solution...Def you have done a good job also...I am here because Elite trader is a good site...I also want to know about IB...should I use their chat site?...all my friends are here...I have grown to respect them and know them...so now I can't talk about IB?...Baron I understand what your saying...some of the questions are not needed here...but wow:confused: ...I really don't think there is commercialization going on here...tomorrow we won't be able to talk about the NASDAQ because we are promoting it some how...I kind of think the chat runs like the market...right now IB is on a good long run...but like all things, sooner or later the chat will die down....Baron you have a great site...I will honor your wishes...I must remember this is your site and that Iam just a guest here...therefore no more IB:)
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  6. neo_hr


    Good day all!

    Since this thread is catching flames I would like to adress you all since I appreciate the effort everyone puts into replying.

    IB order cancelled-wont go through??

    Actually I posted that thread as I am a newcomer to this game and have learned a lot (A LOT) from this thread from real experiences, real people- I got scared that day. Sure, IB has tech support but it also has like zillion of customers! It takes at least day or two for them to respond which is only normal, but here get replies in minutes sometimes.

    Besides, I thought, perhaps someone else is having same problems, etc, etc, etc.

    As far as Def, Tharp and others are concerned (like Tony Oz) - I DONT THINK THEY ARE PUSHING THEIR business or "daddys books" (btw, one of the best books written along w. Tonys and Douglas). People, THEY DO have a business to run and theyre very generous in helping others . Of course, Robert isnt gonna send me a book for free but he is going to respond to my e mail and discuss some of the plays. NOT TO MENTION WHAT TONY DID LAST WEEKEND. THX !

    So, I think IBs not the peroblem, we DO have to draw the line but since a lot of members are using IB why not discuss some of the issues? And we know that a first hand experience is a lot more worth then Tech support "We are sorry but this reply did not come from IB. Thank you!" etc. - When the new rules came out, I had this theory about 3 times daytrading and rest swing but kinda complicated and they wouldnt give me a clear yes/no.

    And YES, I was the one posting in the wrong forums, as I didnt realize it was wrong to access them from the main page, but Discussion instead.

    Sorry if im rambling, GOOD TRADING ya'll!

    P.S. way to go vinigar :p
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  7. tntneo

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    I hesitate to comment 'cause I should stay neutral. But really I think everyone is right more or less.
    I do think IB should sponsor ET just like other brokers. It would only be fair considering the number of customers ET attracts to them.
    In all fairness too, some threads about IB are very negative too since noone is perfect.
    No forum can be neutral because it is skewed by members, sponsors, events.
    We should try though and moderate in that direction.

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  8. The posts I've seen don't seem that far out of line. Seems like a non-issue to me.
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  9. I think that was a pretty cold and uninformed comment.

    I'm not going to go into great detail of links and stuff, but IB's main website is FULL of support links. The idea that IB is saving on support (with national and international toll-free service, round the clock technical support etc.) by answering questions posed on a forum is bizarre at best.

    If you bring your concerns to the people who could fix them or explain them to start with, this wouldn't be an issue. No other firm takes any sort initiative to pop their head out of their hole and say "oh, man, that was a bad policy, look what this place says about it". Negative press happens mostly because someone didn't speak to the right person, or understand the problem; I guess taking the initiative to air concerns that ARE NOT brought to technical assistance, helpdesk, management or another department is seen as advertising.

    Baron is right - this shouldn't be the official forum of IB - go to their website and read. 99% of what is said here that is considered a no-no could be cleared up by reading the site or talking to a representative from the company.

    Oh well, everyone is posting their 2 cents - mine's worth less than that, it's like free advice: worth what you paid for it. Nothing.

    People, take it light.
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  10. "Actually I posted that thread as I am a newcomer to this game and have learned a lot (A LOT) from this thread from real experiences, real people- I got scared that day. Sure, IB has tech support but it also has like zillion of customers! It takes at least day or two for them to respond which is only normal, but here get replies in minutes sometimes. "

    IB's on-line interactive support through their help desk is quite prompt in my experience.

    I agree that this forum should not be used as a substitute for the normal support channels for routine operational issues. However, IB's performance, advantages and disadvantages, order routing issues and potential improvements are IMO appropriate topics for discussion in a forum of traders.

    I also think it would be nice if IB acknowledged the publicity they get here in some tangible way.
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