Elite Trader Fantasy Football

Discussion in 'Politics' started by LiquidSwords, Sep 3, 2002.

  1. Anybody interested in starting a fantasy league on yahoo with other traders??? Could be fun to compete with other traders here at elite, if we act fast we can probably get a league going!

    let me know if anybody is interested...
  2. I don't know about fantasy football, but if you are interested in a fantasy "prop firm" league, count me in.
  3. Darkhorse I know you are a fan what do you say???

    If we can get 6 to play we can set-up private "elite" league...
  4. :confused:

    you know i'm a fan of what exactly?

    the last three football games i've watched have all been superbowls....
  5. sammybea


    I would do in a heartbeat. Can we get enough people to put up a league?
  6. cool sammy! We have one other elite member that will play... we need 8 total... so as soon as we get another 5 i will set it up...

    anybody else???
  7. sad :( truly sad...
  8. I'd like to join in. Let me know how to get started.
  9. cool tyler! we need 4 more and then i will set it up on yahoo and pm you guys with the password and live draft times...
  10. ElCubano


    im in....let me know
    #10     Sep 4, 2002