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  1. Suggest a read-only category where previous threads or individual posts could be listed together.

    There are certain themes that keep coming up in new threads. "Advice For A Newbie" for instance is a theme that has produced probably a hundred or more threads. And so often the responses to these threads are mostly identical.

    If there were a separate category where anyone could list a bunch of previous threads with something in common, it might be useful. Essentially the only thing the person creating the compilation would be able to add would be the title of the thread grouping.

    Actually, if there were two subcategories, where one category listed entire threads, and the other listed individual posts, that would be extra good.

    Examples of possible threads in this manner:

    "Advice To New Traders" threads, listed together
    "Advice To New Traders" posts, select posts grouped together

    "Nitro's Favorite Threads" Nitro, for example, could group his favorite threads
    "Nitro's favorite Posts" Nitro reprinting specific posts

    "The Zen Of Trading" someone could compile threads or posts that involved philosophies

    "Short Selling" someone could group all previous threads or specific posts concerning short selling.

    Of course, a person could enter a Search for the words short selling, but then they'd have to go through all the Search result threads. With this Compilation category, a person could go through various search results, and just post the select ones that he thought were most valuable.

    Of course, too, a person could start such a thread now, where they would reprint lists of favorite threads or individual posts, but they couldn't make it read-only, so anyone else can jump in and interrupt the whole thing with their own comments.

    This idea would basically have to be read-only, and only the person who created the compilation thread could be able to add to it.
  2. I agree ! That's an excellent idea! :D
  3. If anyone wants to make such a thread (along the lines of the GEMS series) they can just post it in the Resources forum. Put in a statement at the end of your post that it be read only, and I'll close it for them when it is done and delete any extraneous posts that get put in there by others.
  4. Great! Thank you. It was your Gems series that kind of gave me the idea :)