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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by SarahG, May 15, 2006.

  1. SarahG


    Anybody use the elite trader chat room during trading hours for emini trades? I think it would be a good place to meet.
  2. the participants in elite chat trade primarily emini. the actual benefit of the room, aside from camaraderie, is debatable.

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  3. Somebody described ET as a "bitch fest". So, if you like catty gossip, endless complaining, big ego, exaggeration and that kind of thing, ET's THE PLACE!
  4. I used it twice many years ago and it was full of egos and arguing.

    However, a few months ago someone said it was now well moderated.

    Yet, just a few days ago someone posted a recent partial chat log and it seemed like the same usual noise level.

    Simply, try it (takes just a few seconds to log in) and make your own judgement via your own personal experience.

  5. Pekelo


    Sarah, you have to start your own chatroom.

    A few weeks ago I PMed a few posters who were decent people and had similar styles like mine and invited them to make up a chatroom. Most of them declined for various reasons (not willing to share their strategies, distraction,etc.) but 1-2 gave it a try.

    Now I have a friend with who we can share ideas, talk about mostly the market and so on. It takes time, but if you advertize your style and what you are hoping to achive in the chatroom (beside chitchatting about movies) you might find similar people...