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  1. Just wondering if anyone out there has been to or heard about any great trading seminars around the country. There are quite a few available out there, and I have done some shopping around, but I thought that I would see if anyone has any particular comments/insights/recommendations before I made a final decision. I am really looking for a top of the line serious trading seminar that focuses on trading for a living with an emphasis on innovative platforms and/or upcoming trading strategies/plans. I want to avoid the gimmick shows at all costs.

    Thanks for your time.

  2. www.wadecook.com

    sorry.. joking around..

    But, seriously.. Read some good books. Thats all you need.

    Start with:

    The fastest game in Town: Commodities
  3. Title The fastest game in town : commodities / Mark Robert Yarry.
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  4. Ive read many books, and I continue reading on an everyday basis, but I am looking into professional seminars. I would like to see what they have to offer and I also wouldnt mind a weekend away with other traders.

  5. What exactly are you looking for? options semiar? futures? stocks? candlesticks? putting together a trading plan? a chat room?

    Be specific..
  6. Ripley...you are hardly in a position to be passing out "advice" on what someone needs or doesn't need to do to make it! I realize you mean well....but I don't think you should be giving advice with respect to trading.
  7. Take it for what its worth. Actually, I think I am the best qualified person here to be giving out trading advice. My recent P/L would attest to that, as well as.. I have tried them all.
  8. This thread has obviously gotten off on the wrong foot. I appreciate your reply regarding the book, but that is not what I am asking for. If you havent been to any seminars and have no reasonable insight regarding professional trading seminars then please post elsewhere. I am interested in sound advice from experienced traders who have personally been to a few seminars and are willing to share their experience with me. This would reduce the need of going to a handful of them myself.

    Once again, thanks for your time.

  9. So you think that two years of losing, not even a single year of positive P&L makes you qualified to pass out advice on what someone needs to do to become successful trading?

    To the original poster, I would suggest you decide what you are interested in learning to trade, then go from there. Futures....I would suggest Larry Williams or Jake Bernstein.
  10. All the trading seminars, and programs whatever.. None of them can teach you the whole picture and put together a trading plan for you.

    You have to go to seminars etc, and read books.. NOT your cookie cutter Market Wizards, how to invest in stocks books, you have to read hardcore books that specialize in things. And you do that by finding out what kind of a trader you are.

    I have taken and went to a lot of seminars. Thus, I consider myself experienced and qualified enough to advice others who are seeking similar venues.
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