Elite FFL!!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by J_Commisso, Sep 12, 2002.

  1. ElCubano



    Its been great....I hope next season turns out better....peace

    #81     Dec 11, 2002
  2. rs7


    Well, it seems like as of right now, the standings are not showing last nights game.

    But the playoff schedule is set. Which I am not sure I understand..How did dan get bumped from the finals? He gets a bye but only to play for 3rd.

    So it is me and Vulture for the championship.

    Way to go Vulture. Now I hope I can remember what name I used that was lucky against you....Buzzards "something".

    I have to admit, with my stepson helping, I had a big edge. Good to have a general manager who is majoring in fantasy sports at college. My money is obviously being well spent!!!

    Great season for all. And ElCubano....you was robbed!!! Wait 'til next year!

    #82     Dec 17, 2002
  3. ElCubano


    Had commisso let that trade go by I may have been a contender; but I was robbed by the commissioner himself.....just kidding Jose
    #83     Dec 17, 2002
  4. rs7


    It is obvious that commisso had his fingers in this whole thing...good thing he was incompetent and couldn't win despite fixing the game:)

    #84     Dec 17, 2002
  5. rs7


    Valiant effort Dan....you had the most total points, but couldn't win the BIG one:D :D :D :D

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  6. rs7


    Well guys, it's Superbowl weekend for us!

    Only Vulture and I are still making transactions?


    Daniel, there is pride to be had in being a runner up. You had the best regular season record, and by far the most points. You just shit-can it after one lousy loss? (although it was a painful and meaningful, and important, and earth-shattering, humiliating, frustrating, heartbreaking, discouraging, hurtful, vile, wretched, abominable, miserable and particularly regretful loss....even so!!!!:))

    And good luck to Vulture....may he come in a solid second!

    #86     Dec 21, 2002
  7. rs7


    Well, the Champion of FFL is no other than the ever resourceful (and lucky) VULTURE!!!!

    Congratulations Big V.

    Best Record: Rs7
    Most Overall Points, regular season: Daniel_M

    But it all means squat.......the winner is, (by 3 points:confused: ) in yesterday's Superbowl...(I should have started Vick instead of Garcia....oh well, a calculated risk. Sort of like being short when I should have been long).....


    Good news? Hey, he got his points from Chad Pennington!
    GO JETS!!!!

    (ElCubano....you will get us next year!!!)

    #87     Dec 23, 2002
  8. Yeah taht was fun....gotta do it next year!
    I'm happy with 3rd place....considering the early stumble.

    Go Steelers!
    #88     Dec 24, 2002
  9. rs7


    Fun upsetting big Dan, hey?

    :D :D :D
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