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    Moderator please leave this thread up for just a few hours so that it can get exposure on the homepage before moving it to chit chat forum...

    Guys we need just one more person to participate and we have our league!!!!

    Is there any football fans out there...

    So far the players include;
    El Cubano
  2. what's goin' on here? SEVEN people out of thousand love football enough to get together with some FELLOW TRADERS and put their NFL knowledge on the line?

    hmm...'Swords you might have discovered an interesting divergence relationship between trading and football...
  3. This just confirms my suspicion that EliteTrader.com is infested with nothing but a bunch of HERBS!

    Nobody else here wants to play??? We need just one more...

    El Cubano how about that guy you mentioned???
  4. ElCubano


    I will try calling him....this sucks ..over 13k freaken members; mostly male im assuming.....
  5. ElCubano


    Cmon guys....ONE MORE....I was soo looking forward to whoopin some ass......maybe one of the females on this site can step up to the plate.....
  6. guys just a reminder... draft is at 4pm sharp

    and sammy bea you still have to set-up your team before you can draft!
  7. guys sammybea has not set his team up yet so we need another player quickly... does anybody playing have a friend that would want to play or does anybody else on elite want to play... draft is in a 1/2 hr at 4pm sharp
  8. Football is such a brutal and barbaric sport.I think we should spend our time in a more meaningful manner.I prefer activities like sewing,washing dishes,making my bed,vacuuming,going to PTA meetings,making brownies for elementary school bake sales,and camping in the woods with a few friends telling really scary ghost stories.I'm a rebel and i'll never change.
  9. Cmon one more player ASAP!!!!!!
  10. rs7


    ok, what happened? they just shut us down the second the draft was over? is there a chat area where we can make trades? and make fun of Publias for not having a tight end?
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