Elite Egos?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aphexcoil, Aug 24, 2002.

  1. I'm starting to think that a better name for this board would be Elite Egos, since everyone is too busy trying to get the last one in, engage in pissing contests and generally shooting down any constructive discussion about trading.

  2. In what category would you put this thread?
  3. So why make this post on the "Trading" Forum?

    Why not contribute with a trading subject instead of posting useless banter that does not belong under this forum?
  4. It was just an observation. Is your life so affected by using up 10 seconds to read one message on a Saturday?

  5. Typical signal to noise ratio for the Internet, I'm afraid. 1% of the posts contain 99% of the useful content. You just have to have the patience to sift through the other stuff. On the other hand, it can be entertaining on a slow trading day.
  6. Aphie,

    Certainly not! LOL!

    The boards are what they are so you cannot fight it. Just stay positive and take what info you can use and throw out all the BS.


  7. Cesko


    The boards are what they are so you cannot fight it. Just stay positive and take what info you can use and throw out all the BS.

    That's absolutely right. Don't get yourself involved in political or religious matters like stupid me.
  8. here, here!!!! the bashing crap and negativity are useless. why try to control? i guess people need to. ignore and filter.
  9. Kymar


    Just posted to the ET T-shirt thread, and, as I think about it, the contradiction I was looking at - "elite" vs. "largest community" - is obvious every time you log on, and look at the number of members - even forgetting that a few hundred of those are probably just FasterPussycat...

    I had a negative impression of ET for a long time because I found the title dubious. When I first got into it, it was interesting for a while, but the disorganized, repetitious, and frequently mean-spirited quality of the whole thing has gotten on my nerves. I also despise the "don't share" attitude that has taken over: It's as though describing a trade set-up or rationale would somehow reveal a naive, unprofessional attitude. And if you happen to have a web site, have ever written a book or article, or have ever taught a class, or have any other side-interest connected to some actual trading expertise, get ready for a trashing...

    I think the name actually has something to do with the problem: It's as though everyone who posts here and has any sense that he or she (both of you!) isn't really a member in good standing of any "elite" is driven to overcompensate by being obnoxious, as if taking a cheap shot at another contributor or broker or vendor or specialist or whoever, or being dismissive of others' ideas and secretive about one's own could confirm one's "elite" credentials.
  10. nitro


    You can tell the real traders from the jokers from the questions they ask.

    #10     Aug 25, 2002