Eliot out of a job, Ashley getting rich

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  1. She's still a hooker no matter what she does. And that is all she is, a hooker. No matter how rich she ever gets off this thing. She's still nothing more than a lowly prostitute who traded her dignity for some $$$.
  2. Do you think she cares what others think?
  3. Nope. Not at all buzzy2.

    That doesn't change the facts though.
  4. clacy


    I would rather be poor than have my family, future kids, friends, etc know that I was a prostitute.
  5. Exactly, that's my point. Money is just money. You can't buy your pride back.
  6. I have found that a lot of people do a lot of things ... and you never really know about it unless they (or someone who knows about it) tells you ... and some of the most immoral people are those who stand so rightously and strongly in judgement of others (like the former Govenor himself). :p

    Just adding a different perspective, but you guys already know this is true.

    Good trading.
  7. You knew what Ashley was, you didn't know what Elliot was. Ashley was the honest one. She may have more integrity than Elliot. I've always admired people who know what they are, they may not like who they are but it is what it is.

    She had aspirations to be a singer, she has a plan, Elliot was on a talent search. She owes him a debt of gratitude. Life is always like that, one is born, one dies.

  8. It's good your not a Christian or else you'd be damned for being judgmental. :)
  9. What makes you think I'm not a Christian? I'm a Christian! Born and raised Southern as hell! I just don't push my beliefs onto others, those types freak me out too. LOLOL

    I don't have any business telling anyone else how to live or what to believe.

    I am not being judgemental about her, I am stating facts! That is the legal definition of her profession! :p

    Wonder how many friends I'm gonna lose now that I've stated I'm a dumb Christian? LOLOL:p
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