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    Pretty cool. I bet they make it. I always thought someone should build something like this.


    I might pre-order one of these things lol.... not red though. Hmmmm. Tempting.
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    I wonder what their shares are worth now... they'll sell a lot of these things. Its a solid company. Good engineering design. And safe. Built/designed the engine from the ground up. Roll cage, ABS... 80 MPG, 0 to 60 in ten seconds... air conditioned ....2 seater....$7300.... sweet. These should sell very well. Especially in Europe and Asia. American ingenuity and entrepreneurship is alive and well.
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    Its has a wide wheel base, but you have sit in tandem. Kind of a waste of space. It's cool, but I don't think this will sell in big numbers.
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    Elio Safety Management System that includes three airbags, unibody, and Anti-Lock Braking System
    Fuel-injected, SOHC gas-powered, Variable Valve Lift, 3 cyl., .9 liter, liquid-cooled, automotive engine
    Front Engine / Front-Wheel Drive
    8-Gallon Tank / Targeted 84 MPG (Highway)
    Standard 5-speed manual or available automatic transmission
    Parking brake
    Top speed over 100 MPH
    0-60 speed in 9.6 seconds
    55 HP and 55 LB-FT of torque
    Traction Control, Stability Control
    12:1 Compression
    Regular Unleaded Fuel
    Tire Sizes: Front: 135/80 R15 Rear: 175/65 R15

    Standard Convenience Features include:

    Air Conditioning / Heater
    AM/FM stereo radio
    Power windows
    Power door lock
    Cruise control
    Disc brakes
    3 yr / 36,000 mile warranty
    Pep Boys anticipated to be "Official Service Center" for service and warranty work
    Plus hundreds of options like leather seating, stereo upgrades, etc.
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    These cars have been around since early 90s, I have seen them at auto-shows and I'd rather buy a Morgan 3-wheeler....

  8. http://www.morgan-motors-cars.com/new-morgans/3wheeler

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  10. 3 airbags, $7,300 and air conditioned would look good.
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