eliminate the financial market?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by ADX_trader, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. I read the web sites of some far right groups, they want to eliminate the financial market completely! They all claim the people that speculate in the market are parasites to the society! I remember there were some guys here also claimed trading is immoral. Perhaps they are members of such groups!:D
  2. Don't worry about it....it won't ever happen in our lifetimes!
  3. No matter it is left or right wingers, the best thing we can do is not to jealous other, we should find a way to break into the market and learn how to make a fortune. The financial market is so open that everyone can get into. I know a guy at the age of 19 already made near $1M and a housewife that made more money than her working husband. There isn't any discrimination. I just love it!
  4. There is a distinction to be made between financial market and speculation and the intensity of speculation. Kaldor, who is considered to be one among the greatest economists of our modern time has studied the effect of speculation on economy, speculation is beneficial to the economy up to certain limit, beyond that it is not only parasit it becomes a huge destabilising factor and destruction of economic wealth.

  5. Extreme groups always take issues and fit them into their agenda without regards to whole spectrum of possibilities which surround the issue.

    An 18 year old killing themselves in a pitched battle to save their fellow soldiers is an example of an act of bravery which could be taken out of context as "teenage suicide is a curse on society"

    My 2cents.