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    I recently read about either software or add on which allows you to read internet text on the entire page without all the baggage which usually comes with an internet page.

    any thoughts?

  2. Firefox --adblock plus works pretty well to eliminate ads.

    If you want raw text only, try cygwin, mira, or lynx.

    P.S. I assume you got rid of your virus, since you never replied on the other thread?
  3. ET would not perpetuate without their sponsor's advertising which would be quite neutered as text-only.
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    i got rid of rogue virus site. thanks for asking

    text-only version of the current web-page was mentioned in a recent article. it mentioned a new program..
  5. How are the other programs I mentioned not what you are looking for? Do you mean a text only reader operating inside of your current browser? There's a web developer extension, but it probably will not look as nice as the other programs mentioned.


    Another one ( I just tried it for fun) is textise; works good, but loses formatting and looks rather cumbersome.
    very easy to install/unistall just to see.

    few more.
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    ads can be bothersome, but without them, the internet would either be a fraction of what it is today. Also, most sites would have to be paid sites, which would suck.
  8. I use Kaspersky internet security and they have a button called "anti-banner" and blocks most banner ads. For example, I see no ads on ET. Do they still have banner ads....
  9. Yes, but....., in many cases the advert IS the phucking webpage. These days you need a relatively powerful computer and decent broadband connection due to the richness in webcontent - a lot of it advertising, and don't get me started on the "cookie monsters".

    Flashblock, Adblock Plus and NoScript get my vote.
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    That's ok, 99% of netcitizens won't bother to block ads so they will subsidize sites for those of us that do block ads.

    I agree with those that said Firefox with AdBlock - its an awesome combination.
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