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    An enterprising citizen, who was concerned about Obama's eligibility under the constitution to be president, did some research into freedom of info issues in the state of Hawaii and came up with a rather creative idea.

    She requested the records of Obama amending (altering) his birth certificate. The state of Hawaii is required by law to respond in one of three ways.

    1 give the records to the person who made the request

    2 tell the person who made the request that there are no such records

    3 tell the person that the records cannot be given out because they are private

    The state of Hawaii responded with number 3. They said that they could not give her the records because they are private. In other words, they have tacitly confirmed that <b>Obama altered his birth certificate</b>.

    Call me crazy, as some around here are want to do, but I think this is a fairly big story... going unreported.
    I think you'll be hearing more about it in the future, though.

    It's all at Leo's blog if you're interested.
  2. "Call me crazy..."

    Okay, you are crazy, which would explain the irrationality in the post below...

  3. President Obama (D-Kenya)
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