Eli Lilly Sold Zyprexa Drug for Dementia Knowing It Didn't Help, Files Reveal. Nice!

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  1. Not just a drug that didn't help, but one with DANGEROUS side effects (including increased mortality rates).

    Good job, Eli Lilly!!! That really shows strong ethics and a righteous moral compass.

    We want you to profit because you're obviously a very responsible corporate citizen.


  2. Snake Oil:A product that has been proven to not live up to the vendor's marketing hype. The term comes from the 1800s in which elixirs and potions of all kinds, even ones that supposedly included the oils from snakes, were sold as a cure for everything that ailed a person.
  3. this explains why there are so many loonies on ET :)
  4. U might want to look up SSRIs as a class of drugs as well.

    That will reeeeeally piss u off.
  5. This can't really be true is it?

    "Zyprexa was Lilly’s best-selling drug, with $4.7 billion in sales, while antipsychotics as a group topped U.S. drug sales last year, with $14.6 billion."

    Antispychotics are the top sellers? lol, crazy
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    I think this raises another question: Where is the FDA in all this? My impression is that the FDA panels are extremely good, with the highest level of expertise. Why do we allow FDA administrators to overrule panel recommendations? The answer is a little too obvious to bother with.

    The FDA is a key part of the U.S. Medical Cartel. The White House has some influence over FDA policy. This could change, and be a key step toward breaking the Cartel and thus bringing down medical costs.

    Making the Panels' recommendations binding on the administrators, though by no means foolproof, would go a long way toward destroying political, i.e., drug company, influence over the FDA.
  7. You mean you don't know?

    Bush replaced most of these review panels with his incompetent lackeys.

    You got Bush Brownies shitting all over the system. And we wonder why it's breaking apart.

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    No, I did not know that. That's dreadful news.
    Where is the Congress in all this? Why is this kind of political tampering with Federal agencies allowed? These agencies like the FDA have to be non-partisan to function as they were intended to. They must be sheltered from political influence.