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  1. I noticed a new web site"http://www.elementarydaytrading.com"
    It advertised an online E-book that is downloadable for $9.95, and shows how to daytrade stocks online every day, with less than the usual required $25,000. I bought it, tried it, and it seems to work ok. Notation states the book is copyrighted. :)
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    I am sure your $9.95 will be well spent.
    Any information this Shill offers is available for free on this board.
    Don't be lazy and read on my friend.

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    OMG , Are you really that stupid ? What a dumb fucking retard !

    steve v. smith
    2840 winterberry way
    Hampton Cove
    Owens Cross Roads, Alabama 35763
    United States

    Domain Name: elementarydaytrading.com
    Registered at http://www.dynadot.com.

    Administrative Contact:
    steve v. smith
    2840 winterberry way
    Hampton Cove
    Owens Cross Roads, Alabama 35763
    United States
    +1 256-534-9167

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    :D :D :D :D :D
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    What do you expect? He's from Alabama . . . :p



    This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen on ET.

    What a jerkoff.
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    ET sure is a tough place! :D
  8. I feel guilty that I could not have been of help to Steve. As part of a range of services I offer as a Discussion Board Consultant, my Alias Management I (see below) is geared toward the newer member, not someone who registered in January, 2002. No doubt dookie's initiative surprised both Steve and myself. In light of these developments, I take this opportunity to announce that I will now extend this service to all members.
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      For the folks who want to avoid paying Baron advertising fees, remember that the "Has anyone heard about XXXXX ?" post by a two-hour-old Junior Member doesn't cut it anymore. Using Senior and Elite Member aliases that I have painstakingly nurtured, I will shamelessly promote your product without anyone the wiser.
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  9. I think someone should consider the problems new shills have and start a thread to give advice.

    For example:
    1. when promoting your idea make sure you don't use your real name.
    2. If you are going to be in the business longterm then work at it. Don't just submit your site after making 1 or posts on elite . That is laziness and a true shill works hard, try for 20 or 30 before making your play.
    3. Some of the brightest shills in the world are attracted to conning traders. Do you homework, study their websites, take ideas.
    4. You need a mentor. Find the most successful shills and do things for them, get people to their site. Show them you are serious about being a professional shill..
  10. There have been many, many new members since last time you posted your full set of services. Would you be so kind as to post them again for those who haven't yet seen them?
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