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  1. Passing along to others in need of professional computer input that are interested in exploring high-end boutique experience, to contact Josh at Mythlogic.

    1. I got much attention to detail in design, build and delivery of machine. 2. Endless personalized service to my often tedious, clueless questions prior to, and, after Intel Second Gen recall. 3. A consultitive approach to configuration. (TOS tech was contacted for technical platform requirements for current and future platform releases) and my machine designed accordingly. 4. A record on delivered machine of all tests performed, and results.

    + I can send machine back yearly for a tune up, and component upgrades at nominal cost. 4 year guarantee best I found.

    I got a laptop specific for mobility. Second Gen 2.7 dual core processor for reduced heat and added battery time. 510 intel ssd; boots and shuts in 5 seconds. Intel 6300 wifi that TOS seems fine on so far. 95 % matte screen that creates a very creeeamy visual.

    After Dell, HP, Falcon-NW, many other gaming sites to numerous to mention here, all the trading computer vendors on the web, nobody took my need to purchase a costom machine more seriously than the crew at Mythlogic.

    Delighted with a ++ experience from concept through completion.
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    Any links for "Intel Second Gen recall"? Thanks.
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    I've been considering the laptop route to replace my old desktop and when reading about the Sager/Clevo brand came across these guys.

    What model did you get? I would be interested in hearing how it suits trading and knowing how many monitors you have hooked up to it.

    There are more and more 1080P 17" 2nd gen laptops with video cards coming out everyday. I'm still trying to decide which one to get.

  4. I am not familiar with the terms. What is considered "Second Generation" in laptops?
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  6. Running one 26" via HDMI. I have the I7 975 with 8 gigs ram and 3 128 gig SSD in a raid array.
  7. Is this all in a laptop? Impressive!
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    Amazing! A laptop that's on par with desktops. Technology... :)
  9. Boots 7 in seconds and is insanely fast. It's only a few months old and they are already making laptops even faster. The only downside is it weight a lot but it's a desktop replacement for me.
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