Electronic Trading using Algorithmic Program

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Barry Veristain, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. I am searching for an on-line broker with the capability to allow me to trade 24 hours a day using a trading alert based on a study, rather than price, volume, etc.

    Specifically, I want to trade the ADI (Average Directional Index) on an hourly chart; whenver the +DI crosses the -DI, a trade would be executed.

    The commodities I trade are gold, crude, U.S. dollar and Mini Dow
  2. I use http://www.openecry.com/

    They are integrating EasyLanguage strategies into their platform, most functions I have found to work with the exception of "exitlong/exitshort." They have really cheap commissions and their platform is free, which is not common. There are trade-offs of course, they don't have near the amount of historical data you can get with Tradestation for example, but it's good enough for my needs.

    I have written my own strategy I just posted a thread about that is 100% mechanical and will trade for me.

    If you look up the formula for the ADX you can translate it pretty easily into easy language and be able to write trading functions to implement in Crude, Gold, Mini Dow etc.

    Just a warning though most indicators I have written strategies for come out to win around 50% of the time if you test them in certain markets. From what I see gold and crude trend pretty well as opposed to the index futures. It was not worth it for me to use a pre-existing indicator for a trading strategy!
  3. I've been an OEC customer for several months. Whenever I try to enter my alert expression on my hourly chart : (+DX:ADX(LBSH,50)== -DX:ADX(LBSH,50) the box to click "OK" is greyed out. Any suggestions...?

    I've spoken with their customer service folks and they can't seem to correct the problem