Electronic Trading in the Coming Weeks

Discussion in 'Trading' started by trader79, Oct 21, 2002.

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    they are 100% correct - Not only the technical issues, but there will be quite a bit of arbs coming in to this market, and that may throw ones "feel" for the way stocks move...One thing though, it will be interesting to see if the Programs now sell a basket of stocks or a basket of SSF's. This won't happen in the beginning, as only a few will be available, but as the stocks in the OEX and the SP500 are online, it will be interesting to see how the arbs play it...

  3. how convenient... SSF's will be coming online just in time to catch the mother of all flameouts of when this idiot reallocation rally eventually collapses, leaving the markets worse off than before... then all the ham fisted institutionals who were so greedy and dumb as to pack three months of upside into a week and a half will have a naughty derivatives product to blame for the ensuing carnage...
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    To prepare for trading SSFs,
    "there will be a cluster of changes to the industry's trading platforms in a concentrated period of time . . . This cluster of changes represents risk, as some systems have already experienced problems with the upgrades, and such problems should intensify in the coming weeks . . . As traders, you will need to be especially diligent . . . You might want to check with your broker and ask them for a schedule of testing and changes that they will be making . . ."

    [giggle] Sure, and you have about as much chance of that as you do of getting them to waive all charges.:D
  5. this is really a sidenote...but has anyone noticed the increase of Island in NYSE issues? It seems like ever since they were banned from the ETF's they've moved right over to the listed issues. Some of them have provided plenty of opportunity for me, while others have been like an annoying fly at a BBQ...
    any thoughts / comments? almost feels like some of them are doing it just for the volume rebates ...
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    What is there to release? Firms have been testing/certifying with the exchanges over weekends for many months (IB has been one of them). As far as I understand, all has gone well. IB plans to offer access to both SSF exchanges starting day 1 - Nov 8. The only differences will be transparent other than the possibility that you may need to request trading permissions.

    For order types, see the IB web site. The fee will be $1 per contract - Sorry, but we're not waiving that.
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    hmmmmmmm, interesting...would you care to expound on this dynamic. i know this rally has really screwed up my trading. i've had to sit on my hands a greater percentage of the time than usual. anyone care to guess when this bounce will peter out.
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    The crux of the originating post (and referenced link) is that brokers' software (client-side and server-side) will be in a state of flux for a while (witness the latest postponement).

    OTOH, my comment was that brokers have a spotty record of giving customers advance notice of changes. IB is to be commended for at least going so far as to provide TWS release notes; sometimes I've discovered new features in OptionsXpress purely by accident, because there was no notice of the change even after release.

    Fortunately, I know of no one having been bitten by any of the unannounced changes at OptionsXpress.

    In any case, my point is that I know of *no* broker who goes as far as to pre-announce, "We're putting new server-side changes into production tomorrow."
    Having spent my life in IT, that lack of notice makes me very nervous.