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  1. Is anyone aware of an institutional caliber trading platform preferably offered by a major bank that enables you to price and trade exotic options on indices, FX, single-stocks, interest rates, metals and enegies ELECTRONICALLY.

    In essence an institutional version of betonmarkets.com. The payouts and retsrictions on betonmarkets.com. are limited and without major bank backing there is increased credit risk thus making them in essence a recreational retail vehicle.

    In the absence of an electronic exotic options trading platform, how does one increase transpaency via trading exotic options, as I would assume that after a while of just calling around, dealer desks would "know" you and your style and shade you acccordingly on entry AND exit.

    Your thoughts please.
  2. ubs as far as i know deals with binaries and prolly is da real deal...i was tradin' this stuff with ig and me experience was not very pleasurable...binexx is a better one cuz works as a real exchange and da mkt partecipants directly infulence da fixed odds and da spread so that u have access to better prices....not sure it is available for us residents tho, look 'em up.
  3. Sent you an email, CP. Being "known" is a problem, but only if you're successful. Best to have 2-3 wire brokers to hit in rapid-succession.

    You've hit on the problem. The edge is in knowing the client's bias. It's best to allocate positions through multiple banks if you can, but limited if trading equity vol.

    If you're intent on trading personal funds you're far better off starting an offshore entity and trading through SocGen's clickoptions. It's not true OTC conventions, but they offer the classic exotix on equities and they pay.
  4. Thanks, calculon,

    I didn't get your email...maybe my email that's registered on ET is out of date. I'll updat eit now. Can you resend it and/or send it via PM.

    Thanks again.

  5. I replied to yours from my gmail address. :)
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    Many thanks, my friend!
  7. Comparing betonmarkets.com to clickoptions I notice VERY WIDE variations in pricing....

    For example the 5765/6000 double no touch barrier (04/28 expiration) on the DAX is 24.31 on bom and 64.05 on clickoptions.

    similar wide variations exist for other strikes/parms.

    What gives?

    Any online exotic opton calculator one can refer me to?
  8. Wow, that's suprising. I've never used click as the product is not approved for US clients. Check Hodley.net for online pricing.
  9. Interesting term....

    recreational retail vehicle
  10. You can build your own calculator in Excel , works pretty accurate for exp < than 10 days .
    1. Export daily data to excel(last 110 days)
    2. insert counter formula to calculate how many days conditions=true ( must use intraday hi-low)
    3. Divide 100 by result ( if counter=7 , then pay of = 100/7=14.3)
    4. The 14.3 is NOT including "house edge"
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