Electromagnetic harmness ?

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    I have a question about electromagnetic harmness. I trade in a 10 square meter study room in my home, with two desktops, three LCDs ( two 17", one 15") and one 15" TV turned on during the trading session.(8am-4pm) After trading, only one desktop one LCD and the TV is turned on. Is this kind of hardware setup produce some potential risk of being exposed to excessive electromagnetic harmness ?

    Thanks for any advice
  2. No, you are safe. Nothing to be alarmed about. Bill Gates programmed computers for years 24-7 from the time he was a child with multiple computers and he is healthy.

    I haven't read or heard of anybody getting sick from electromagnetic fields coming out of computers. I have read about cell phone use and brain damage from putting the cell phone next to the head. But I haven't heard nothing about over excessive computer use.

    You are safe.
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    Thanks for the good news that I am safe.

    Sorry but I have one more question. As I and my wife looks forward to having a baby, I want to know , if the electromagnetic field from a desktop and/or a notebook will have some bad effects on a pregnant woman and the baby in here body.
  4. buy a guass meter and measure the level of emf you are exposed to.. frightening !

    In 12 of the 15 subjects, the data showed an excitability change in the motor cortex adjacent to the cell phone. "Intracortical excitability was significantly modified, short intracortical inhibition was reduced and facilitation enhanced," the authors report. They found that the effects of the EMF were transient and the subjects' brains tended to return toward baseline conditions one hour after the exposure.

    what is the effect of chronic emersion in a sea of elctromagnetic fields..brain tumors, bad trades? who can say?
  5. I don't think there is anything to be alarmed about. Bill Gates's wife has 6 kids and all of them are healthy. The whole electromagnatic rumor about computers was all false that started back in the 70's when computers were still new and becoming popular. There is no proof or any public cases concerning pregnant woman and computer use. It was a hoax and flalse information to try to keep people away from computers. Computers are safe to have in the house and around pregnant woman also. Lots of pregnant woman have home based businesses that are run from their computer and all their babies come out healthy. I see pregnant woman at the post office dropping off their ebay packages that they sold from their home based computer business.

    Your pregnant wife and her unborn baby are safe if they are around computers which are in the house(laptops, desktop, etc...).

    You might want to take a look at this link on google that tells of what is safe for pregnant mothers and what isn't. Lots of good information in the link. Computer use is not on the list.
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    Thanks glenjohnson for your advice, that really helps.