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  1. www.ElectricSavant.com

    Hey you Cash & Carry Followers, check ouit my site...

    I got bored and played with my goofy site today..

    If you want a daily email of my spreadsheet pm me...

    Michael B.
  2. I am getting some complaints from my friends...I gotta put a pic of Wifey up on the site.
  3. actually, Electric looks just like Goodman in The Big Lebowski...
  4. Very cool Michael... thanks for the sheet with the carry trades. How often are you updating the yields?
  5. Her pic is up...

    Riskarb I update daily, I can email you daily if you wish, no prob...I email to a few friends every day anyways...so I can add you ...

    Now I gotta go buy a Digital camera...Women are never satisfied with their picture.

    Michael B.

    P.S. Hey you guys, I am gettin' a little of this Java Script...HTML stuff...hehe

  6. KevinK

    KevinK Guest

    Jokes on all the doubters.
  7. I like it....not many willing to put themselves out there like you. I must admit, you look different then I imagined though. Continued success to you!

  8. Thanks Michael. I'd like to get the daily email. My ET handle at gmail.
  9. Yep, I got it its still in the history of gmail...My first post I received :)

  10. hey electric ... how .. has your sytem been doing with all the zig zag of the majors ?

    or does your cross - rate interest rate strategy
    produce positive cash flow ok no matter what the FX markets do ?

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