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  1. As an outsider looking in, it looked to me as if the confrontational style went a little overboard, which caused some hurt feelings. Too bad.
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  2. That's what psychology is all about, hurt feelings, confrontation, etc. I'm surprised ElectricSavant's thread in the Psychology forum was deleted, it was a lively one while it lasted.
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  3. Well, yeah, i guess.

    Its just a shame when someone lets themself go like that, could happen to anyone, you know?

    I wasn't joking, when i said it was highly motivational.

    Good luck micheal B, you zany character, i hope you find what you were looking for.

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  4. zdreg


    electric savant where are you now?
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  5. Are you serious? electricsavant was a lonely, single fat guy who made up he had a wife? this fantasy wife actually posted here in response to his posts? you cant be serious!!

    what did this guy look like?
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  6. found this scream for help on the web:

    <i>H ere I am ....

    sitting here fantasizing....no silly! not that....I am fantasizing about the billions of dollars I am going to make in the Forex market with my latest discoveries...

    My illussion is how to spend all that money I am going to make...I am doing things that I normally wouldn't be doing in preparation for the big day when all my troubles go away.

    I am thinking that life will be so easy and worry free...I am telling others on the street that better days are coming. I am losing site of the Kingdom of heaven...as I am going to have Solomans riches right here and soon on this earth.

    This is a glorious grandeur...I am like feeling the euphoria of the anticipation and excitment about to follow. All of the realities of life seem to be so smooth just now...it won't be long now....

    ES </I>

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  8. The poor guy doesn't appear to know the difference between plurals and possessives: Bright Idea's ... Turning the Light's on

    Over the years I've met a lot of engineers from Hong Kong who have the same difficulty, perhaps ES learned English in HK.
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  9. r-in


    Holy cripes! The guy has a donate button on the bottom of his webpage! Donate! To what, him!?
    I really need to figure out this internet stuff and set up a webpage for people to donate to me for no reason. Actually I could say they are sponsoring my kids future education. That as a result they are potentially saving the world by opening up higher education to them. It will allow them to study exclusively and not have to work. They'll come up with a way to save the environment, new energy source, cure cancer! Yea, yea, that's it, they'll save the world if you donate money to me...err I mean to my kids college education. :D :D :D
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    my guess is donation for his time of trying to find out a workable method for us (you, me and ES). A doom premis but it's the thought that count.
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