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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by atticus, Jun 5, 2012.

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  1. Can someone rein-in this clown? He and his pal Ripley are sending me unsolicited PMs. Savant is threatening me not to "go to war" with him. As comical as that is... isn't this the clown who was masquerading as his wife for years on this site? Isn't two nicks against the "conduct rules"?

    ES edited one of my posts without completing the sentence, and then began the unsolicited PMs.

    Ripley is sending me/others PMs with Islamic hate speech. Can an admin check to see if Savant and Ripley share an IP?

    FWIW, I have not replied to any attacks or threats/PMs.
  2. atticus,

    Take your private wars out of ET. You posted personal attacks against Ripley and was trashing his thread.

    Please review the conduct rules.

    I do not have time to babysit your private wars and ET is not your place for you to badger our guests, that you single out.

  3. newwurldmn


    I also received the same PM's from ES and Ripley.

    My posts were also deleted.

    I had never spoken to Ripley or ES prior to that thread.

    Sad part is that ES was upset that the thread wasn't being constuctive, yet my first post was the first constructive post in the thread. Everyone else was calling Ripley a fake, etc. Those posts are apparently okay.
  4. And I gave a response that actually pertained to fund accounting, which was edited and left mid-sentence. Then ES deletes the post and his whacko response.

    Then I got the "go to war" from ES and the Ripley PMs.
  5. atticus and newwurldmn...you know what you were doing to Ripleys thread and this sort of conduct just needs to stop here in ET.

    both of you may be hanging out too much in the P & R threads and forget and transfer your delirium over into the main sections of ET...The ones that matter.

    Do you think that I act without cause? How do you know how many complaints that were received about your trolling on Ripley's thread?

    I am not going to post here responses to your unfounded claims.

    Simply follow the conduct rules and quit trashing threads when you obviously have singled someone out.

  6. If you are being harassed by another guest then I need to know. Simply complain the post and I or another moderator will take care of it.

    but your public conduct attacking a moderator should be interpreted as adversarial to this website and delt with.


  7. Unfounded claims? Please elaborate. Perhaps we can post your PMs here, as well as those by Ripley.

    And why is it that you are allowed to impersonate another individual with two nicks? Do you wear her clothes as well?
  8. lol thanks, but I forwarded the PMs to a competent administrator. Is this your persona or are you doing the "wifey" thing now?
  9. atticus,

    Please continue to post...Tell us more...you are digging your own grave.


  10. atticus,

    I hope you can resolve your issue. But behave yourself as I will be watching.


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