Electric Sun Theory

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  1. I also thought that space behaved as a fluid which accounted for what we call gravity. That mass in space created an area of lower density and space pushed smaller objects towards those areas.

    I just didn't know what kept objects apart. I assume it was when the object reached equilibrium.

    I found this guy while looking at videos on the Electric Sun theory. He sort of explains what I have always considered how things work.

    I always thought it was silly to think that the Sun was a continuously exploding system of "hydrogen bombs". Never made sense.

    Thornhill. Master Blaster on the Electric Sun theory.

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  4. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    I wish I understood this stuff.
  5. 8 mins. Simpler

    "How Stars are formed"

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    Financial Cycles
    Planetary Triggers
    Trans-Neptunian Factors, natch
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