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  2. I have this Panasonic which is cheaper but similar.

    Not sure what "Active Shave Sensor" is in the new one.

    Very good though it always comes down to does it get those few hairs in a few tricky places. This one works for me.

    Since I moved to South America I mostly use the pop-out trimmer. Nice to give my face a rest.
  3. If you like it, and need or want it, then buy it...it's only $194...that's nothing to an ET, extraterrestrial trader, o_O

    Just imagine, instead of spending that wasted time thinking, you could be shaving your face and body right now with that...

    I don't even need it, I just bought a new electric razor a couple months or so ago -- But I still added it to my watch list.
    I may buy it some time later.
    The one I bought was kind of budget level. I just decided to buy a completely new razor, instead of buying pricey blade replacements.

    You will drop $5 or $6 on a silly Starbucks fancy drink just like that, but something important like a body razor...you're very hesitant...
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  4. I don't know about the shave, but at $200 you're surely getting scalped.
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    It not the money, but how many times you buy something and it don't work as promised, and I would think of this being mainly a male site, and many on site are as you put it "extraterrestrial trader" would be owning it. Price must of come down to much less price as I was quoted just under $500 in November.

    I bring my own tumbler and buy regular coffee for 2 bucks, I might go few times a day and I go in and they knew I bought earlier and just fill it. I bought 65 bags of the Christmas blend when they were offering $5 gift cert on each bag to run it up to 65 bags, when it was September bought city out of Pumpkin Spice, you want to ask me how much I kept? one of each and you be surprised even to who received them all. You bet I am a cheap sob, I am a trader and I am going to buy low always in my life. All the free coffees I accumulate with gift card, I give away to friends, can't drink anything very sugary anyway, still on diet.

    Why buy anything if not quality?


    thank you


    "I don't know about the shave, but at $200 you're surely getting scalped. "

    So, you keep a beard? The razors don't last long even using the baby oil to keep them in, so like in 2.5 years is breakeven point of buying an electric razor and less time on less featured razor like the one bought by Mr lugar.
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  6. Nah, I stocked up on razors on the cheap, shave once a week.

    Won't cost me $5 a year