Electonic trade surpassing pit volume?

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  1. I know that in the US bond market that the volume on the electonic platform has now surpassed the volume on the floor. These seems to be the trend for many products.

    Is this true for other electonically traded products that have a pit traded counterpart? If so which ones are higher volume in the electronic format and which ones still have more volume on the floor? Does anyone know about european products too?
  2. In Europe, the major financial futures (bunds, dax, eurostoxx...) are not pit traded anymore.

    When I began traging german bunds 5 years ago, the Liffe pit was still very active. One year later, Eurex had killed the Liffe pit.

    If the CME makes the big S&P an electronic product, there is no chance the pit will survive.
  3. It's interesting to think about. If SP traded on globex 24 hr, what would happen to emini volume? Where would you trade 5 emini contracts? 1 big sp or 5 little? That's why I think if it ever happened, brokers should offer 1 thru 4 at the going rate, but groups of 5 should be the same as one. Cause there really is no point in splitting up liquidity.
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    I did not realize this, until I went and looked. This is the Nov. volume for futures.

    MINI S&P FUT # 11,053,819
    S & P 500 FUT 1,374,299

    The Mini beat out its big brother in dollar volume traded! (Emini vol/5=2,210,763).

    When did this happen? I looked just a few months ago and the big contract was still doing over 60% of total dollar volume.

    Am I right? I almost can't believe it.
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    Well, if I am correct in the above post about volume on the mini.
    The future looks pretty bleak for the big pit. If you have to do size, why would you do in the pit now?

    I now the commish is a little less, but the slippage has to be getting worse.

    I guess they may survive on the arb between the pit and the mini.

    Any of you ex-floor traders have an opinion on this?
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    Both the CME & CBOT post volume.

    Thanks josbarr for pointing it out on another post.

  8. Does this volume that you have posted include overnight volume for the emini or just the volume during the open pit hours. When I looked for volume I could not tell if they separated day and night session volume on the emini so I assumed it included both. What I wanted was a comparison of equal time periods.

  9. Thanks for the info. I was wondering about those products in Europe.

    Since they got rid of the floors has it change the way the electronic products traded since they do not have to follow the lead of the contracts on the floor anymore in Europe?

    Are you speculating on the idea of making the big S&P contract an electronic product or have you heard or read that somewhere?