Election Year = Stocks Go UP!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mysharona2, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. I have heard that stocks always do well during election year. This is an election year. Therefore, stocks should move up higher than last year.

    What i have now is just paper loss. It's not a real loss because I know that stocks should move up and i'm hanging tough. In a few more weeks I see myself seeing green again.
  2. Good luck with that!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. contrary


    And if you have a gain, will that be a paper gain too? LOL.
  4. Nickvac


    Politicians will do anything to make the market look good for the election. All the foreclosures rules are getting extended an extra sixty days around the country right now to depress the true foreclosure numbers and I truly believe oil's decline is somewhat the result of this election coming up.
  5. Very possible.

    They abolished the uptick rule last year, so the market shorts and shakes out the bad financials.

    Now they banned naked short selling on financials.

    Very possible the saudis boosted oil production to -temporarily- lower oil prices somewhat.
  6. Usually does.

    However obama said he'll withdraw troops from Iraq, and this is super-bearish for the market.

    But markets slowly begin to realize that democrats will not do all the communist speech they offered during campaign (rise taxes, at least not to sky-high levels; and more regulations for companies).