Election Year and the Economy

Discussion in 'Economics' started by EMRGLOBAL, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. I have been watching the "Idiot Fest" in CO. the last two nights.

    The theme seems to be the same. We will give "you working people" everything you want ....on the backs of "WHO"? Who is going to pay for all the "Bright Ideas" to lead us into the future.

    THe speaker of the house, Pelosi, states that we need to move towards Natural gas (Amen as I raise money for Domestic Drilling in Natural Gas and Oil) in order to move a way from "Those dangerous Hydrocarbons. ARE YOU FUCKING JOKING? Is she that stupid not tounderstand that Natural Gas is 'HYDROCARBONS".

    They speak of how many houses John McCane has? Well, I though "PRIVATE PROPERTY" is part of our constitution.

    What about all those poor fools who can't pay for their homes because the "CANT AFFORD THEM"? At least McCane pay's his mortgage.

    The Democratic party is nothing more than the "NEW SOCALIST" party of America. We do not have TWO HOUSES DIVIDED, we have two conflicting political movements. The DEMS that represent anti-Capitalistic views, anti- Democracy values and the REP. who are trying to hold on to the Judio-Christian Ideas that founded the nation, the capitalist views that built this country and the democratic views that shaped the nation.

    HEALTH CARE is now a RIGHT and not a privilage?

    This country better pick up the BOOK by AYN RAND, " ATLAS SHRUGGED...you better believe we are heading for those times. I will board the plane with Reardon, Dany Tag, John Gault, and leave the rest to fall to what they "BRING UPON" their lives.

    AYN RAND is the TRUTH and this country better head her warning.