Election trouble brewing for House Dems in 2010

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  1. "NEW YORK – Despite sweeping Democratic successes in the past two national elections, continuing job losses and President Barack Obama's slipping support could lead to double-digit losses for the party in next year's congressional races and may even threaten their House control."

    Now the mainstream media is getting in on the party.
  2. Yawn.
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  4. Good. That's how the process works. Now the great task for the Right will be to transform themselves from the party of "no," to a party of ideas again. At this point they are completely bereft of ideas.

    Can they do it? We'll see.

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    The douche bag Democrats are toast come 2010. Yeah, they'll still have a majority in the Senate, but without 60 seats, and control of the House of Reps. will go to the Republicans, which means Obama won't get a damn thing passed, after Jan . 2011. That "CUNT" Pelosi will then lose her majority house speaker role. Real change is coming soon!!! Just about every Independent voter in this country has turned on Obama. It was the Independents that put Obama, and the Democrats into power in this last election cycle. They now see the major cluster fuck they helped create. They may not like the Republicans any more that Democrats, but they know their the much safer option, and won't spend trillions of dollars or raise their taxes.
    Can't wait for 2010!!!! :p
  6. Did you just come out of a coma? Or have you just been willfully blind for the last 45 years of American history (or as the cartoon suggest the last 90 years)? I mean no shit. Spending...what's new?

  7. And what is the GOP going to be running on... fiscal conservatism?

    As a former GOP registered voter for 28 years, you're making me laugh with your BS.

    Face it, the economic train has already left the station and the GOP wasn't aboard. They have voted "no" on every single policy measure, including the War Supplemental this last Spring to fund and support the Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The GOP doesn't even know who they ARE anymore - - - except for representing a few right-wing whack-jobs that express the same views as John C. Calhoun and want to secede from the Union.

    Good luck with that.