Election results: Nothing will change

Discussion in 'Politics' started by hajimow, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. hajimow


    Obama will be president. Rep will have majority in house and Senate will be in the hands of Democrats. That is why the futures are down 1%.
  2. 1% is noise.
  3. Daring


    Bye bye USD
  4. chinese elated ..china kow tow won.. the futures are moving with hang seng.
  5. The downfall of the USA continues....:D
  6. Another 4 years filled with excuses of why things did not progress at a faster pace. Gridlock, look at what I was handed, etc, etc, etc.....

    Well, now that election is over, let's see what the great fiscal cliff proposal looks like. But wait wait wait, they have only had the last 2 years to put something together and it is the lame duck session.....
  7. Humpy


    Cheer up chaps !

    At least the Bush mk2 war-monger didn't get in.

    Better broke than dead.

    What a load of lemmings
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  9. Humpy


    The average 10 year old could have put togethor a better foreign policy.
    Let's have a quick overall look at current world situation :-

    terrorists downed 2 & 1/2 buildings
    USA bankrupted itself in reply.
    Israel pleased but not very grateful.
    Europe bust - partly own fault.
    A lot of ill will to try and negate.

    Marks for effort but very poor grades for the rest.

    Lets hope Odumbo does something right in the next 4 years.:eek: :eek:
  10. Klemen


    gold is gonna go far...
    #10     Nov 7, 2012