Election Rally is over

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  1. The election rally was due to the controlling party last effort to pump up stock market, when the controlling party loses the final presidential election, stock drops 4/4 times the day after election (1972,1980,1992,2000)

    This can be explained as when the controlling party loses they will not likely continue to support the market as much as before the election.
  2. what was the average drop?

    this election is gonna be different because the landslide victory of obama was obvious to pretty much everyone. things were different in the previous elections, just look at 2000 - LOL that was one screwed up election.
  3. I just figured today was irrational exuberance.
  4. i dont think this recently rally was a result of a pumping of the markets by republicans

    markets are responding to an obama presidency
  5. In 2000, Nasdaq dropped another 30% after election, the screw up might have costed 5% but the rest 25% was a real pain.
  6. The recent rally might be effects from Jews to prevent another world war, Jews were blamed for 1929 recession... Without support of US, Israel might not survive the next mid-east war.

    The oil rallied today, market seems to saying, if R loses today, Israel might choose to bomb Iran before D takes office, could trigger a war.
  7. I can sense a huge pop around the world on the news that the cronies are out of office....hey man Im with you on shorting but
    this train needs to roll down the tracks before we get back to digesting the mess we are in
  8. Israel need to finish Iran nuke program before D takes control, could be a regional war
  9. futures surging..rally will continue for a long time to come
  10. lmao
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