election over 4 to 5 day rally

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tommbox, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. tommbox


    now that we have a new president futures open up 20 and finish up 50 tomorrow! I went long when ob got ohio.
  2. Futures surging yet again

    Dow 9,616.00 29.00 0.30
    S&P 500 1,007.30 4.10 0.41
    NASDAQ 1,386.50 6.00 0.43

    market only will go higher. no more crisis news. no more financial news. no more implosions. all is well again.
  3. I am just stunned right now, I joke a lot about stock being wrong and all that and some claim he is a good contrarian indicator and this proves he is just that. Dow futures drop 100 points after he posted that. If this was during regular market hours I would give him a pass but it's past midnight.

    How can anybody be so catastrophically worng with impeccable timing.

  4. Bond


    he really has a gift

  5. Ahahahahaha haha haha ha ....
  6. GTS


    Bad news: Obama will raise taxes on your capital gains and tax "wealthy" traders' profits.

    Good news: Because you went long and instead of short when he won Ohio you don't have any profits.
  7. And yet again he's the perfect fade. This time I actually did the fade and made nice on SDS. Thanks, chump!
  8. I agree - he has great accuracy in that regard. Next up day we get, maybe tommorow, i'm sure he'll be back saying...."you guys are such noobs - markets off the races again".

    For now, he'll go back to his bunk bed in the dorm.
  9. Surdo


    Perfect FADE MF'er....you are on my radar screen!
  10. rc5781


    have you ever tried trading while doing a head stand???
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