Election is over: LONG OIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Oil is going to $88 in 2007. The election manipulation is done. Long Oil.

    The Greatest Business Man in the World will ensure it!

    What a great options play!

    Uncle Sam Wants YOU to buy oil options. Long USO!
  2. There was absolutly no manipulation of oil in any way prior to the the election. It follows the simple law of supply and demand......of votes

  3. greddy


    The way oil caved in was extremely weird, to say the least.

    Perhaps the buddies at Goldman helped out too with the adjustment in the Commodity index.

    Well, it didn't work so let's see where oil goes from here.
  4. dac8555


    it has been consolidating for a while now...i have been keeping my eye on it for a long play.

    however today after the election i see futures up about .23...nothing to hang our hat on yet.
  5. S2007S


    election isnt over, senate is still in question. if the democrats take the senate markets may go into freefall mode.....
  6. Look - it's FAT BASTARD from Austin Powers!
  7. nice call bro $$
  8. Man don't get me started. article excerpt:

    But Goldman Sachs said inventories were progressively being eroded by stronger than expected demand.

    "We continue to believe that the recent, lower oil price levels will prove short-lived, particularly as the lower prices have contributed to exceptionally strong demand growth in the U.S.," the investment bank wrote in a report.

    It maintained its price forecast of $75.50 for U.S. crude next year.

    Do I want to be short against Goldman, MMMM??

    I am going to have to change my handle to Oliver Stone. :eek:
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